Neue Hybrid-Veranstaltung: Supply Chain Forum Mannheim | [Pressemitteilung]

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  • Das Supply Chain Forum wird am 21. Juni 2022 sowohl in der Manufaktur Mannheim als auch online stattfinden.
  • Die Veranstaltung wird von aioneers, einem Mannheimer Start-up im Bereich Supply Chain, ausgerichtet
  • Tickets sind ab sofort über erhältlich.


Dr. Christoph Kilger
By Dr. Christoph Kilger

Supply chains and their impact on sustainability | AIOpodcast

execution management, sustainability

Sustainability, circular economy and decarbonization: all extremely relevant themes for today's supply chains. Dr. Andreas Müller speaks with Georg Hantschke, supply chain sustainability expert at aioneers. What are the steps we need to take to make our supply chains more sustainable, and where do we start?


Dr. Adrian Reisch
By Dr. Adrian Reisch

Reducing costs in complex projects | Expert interview with Christian Schumacher of MT Aerospace

complexity, digitalization, VUCA, execution management

We’ve said it before: shifting to being a project-based company is crucial to future-proof your business in an increasingly VUCA world. Today, aioneers co-founder Dr. Adrian Reisch speaks with Christian Schumacher of MT Aerospace and dives into how they managed their digital transformation while balancing core business and simultaneously branching out into new fields, enabling innovation with a solid digital infrastructure.

Dr. Adrian Reisch
By Dr. Adrian Reisch

The importance of master data in successful planning 

complexity, data science, digitalization

With data becoming the key to any organization's progress, the necessity for improving its quality and consistency, too, has turned imperative. This necessity led to the genesis of Master Data, which encapsulates the core of business information. It includes structural and hierarchical references needed for a specific enterprise and is easily shareable. In the absence of Master Data, one cannot do any business in present times. If excelled at Master Data effectively, companies can see a direct impact on boosted sales, reduced risk management, and improved profitability.

Ankita Jha
By Ankita Jha

Supercharged decision-making for supply chain executives

transparency, analytics, data science

Given the break-neck pace at which the markets function, supply chain executives must think on their feet to stay ahead of the competition. Each day brings possibilities and factors, turning the decision-making job into an unenviable task. Making the correct decision requires an eclectic mix of experience and knowledge, the foundation of sound judgment. Errors in judgment come with both far-reaching and immediate consequences. That's why relying on gut instinct or experience alone or reviewing very few KPIs can sometimes spell severe impact. Now, consider technology helping you simulate the market by creating a digital twin using different distribution models. You can use this simulation to compare production to inventory statistics and make educated trade-off decisions. Supply chain optimization is a must to meet the new needs and supply chain issues. Supply chain managers must stay ahead of the curve to anticipate developments. Supply chain optimization aims to ensure that a production and distribution supply chain runs as efficiently as possible. This comprises effective inventory placement all along the supply chain and decreases operating costs, such as production, transportation, and administrative expenses. Supply Chain optimization frequently involves using mathematical modeling approaches in conjunction with computer software.


Sagar Kothawade
By Sagar Kothawade

Execution Management: why does it matter? | AIOpodcast

VUCA, execution management

Tactical execution management – what does this actually mean, and what is its value in business? Execution management is at the core of our business. It drives our closed-loop approach: first generating transparency through analytics, then utilizing AI and ML for decision support, and finally, supported execution. Dr. Andreas Müller and Dr. Boris Reuter met for an episode of our AIOpodcast to discuss their views.


Dr. Adrian Reisch
By Dr. Adrian Reisch

Driving supply chain sustainability: expert talk with Marc Hetzer of EY Carbon

execution management, sustainability

Sustainability is one of the top trends in supply chain management, as many businesses are making changes to adapt their supply chains to enable, for instance, carbon reduction. Our sustainability expert Georg Hantschke had a chat with Marc Hetzer, Supply Chain Sustainability Expert at EY Carbon, on supply chain sustainability.


Dr. Adrian Reisch
By Dr. Adrian Reisch

The self-driving supply chain: inevitable?

performance gap, analytics, data science, S&OP

The self-driving supply chain: inevitable? 

The ultimate goal of any business is to deliver its product and service to the customer on time and in the right quantity. Supply chain management plays a significant role in achieving this goal. The supply chain of any business is a complex and dynamic network of integrated processes, people, and technology to fulfill customer demand. There are different players within the supply chain of any products: suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers, 3PL service providers, etc. Successful supply chain management contains the efficient management of each part in which the right strategic, tactical, and operational decisions are taken and implemented at the right time.


Sara Tilabi
By Sara Tilabi

Stop clashing over KPI target setting and achieve better results!

analytics, execution management

Is your organization aiming for the moon but not even capable of setting realistic goals? Goal-setting can be the bane or the boon of your organization. Whether you can set realistic goals and targets for your business can make all the difference between success and failure.


After all, it is not just about the demoralization that employees and stakeholders face when the targets are not attained. It also means that you have wasted a lot of resources, time, and effort in chasing a goal that could not have been accomplished in the first place, resulting in the company losing out on achievable results that it could have realized. 

Dr. Andreas Müller
By Dr. Andreas Müller

Building Up Digital Twins for improving Supply Chains

performance gap, innovation, analytics, digitalization, execution management

The concept of digital twins has been around for a long time in terms of modeling and simulation. However, the two are vastly different. The digital twin is a living-learning model, as described by Colin Parris, CTO of GE Digital. Thus, it is continuously running and updating itself based on data received from the subject of the twin. 

Dr. Andreas Müller
By Dr. Andreas Müller
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