Supply Chain Segmentation: why you should segment your supply chain.

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Increased levels of customization and particularization of every capability have made their way into all forms of business and production. The supply chain has not been able to stay out of this domain of reorganization, and as a result, supply chain segmentation is a hot topic.

By Aioneers

A Comprehensive Guide to Allocation Planning in Modern Supply Chains

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Our world is changing and becoming increasingly more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA). What does this mean for top-performing supply chains? To maintain a sustainable competitive advantage over competitors, they need to excel in three qualities:

  • They’re agile and can react speedily to sudden changes in demand or supply.
  • They can easily adapt to evolving market structures and strategies.
  • They always align the interests of all stakeholders to optimize the chain’s performance while also maximizing each stakeholder’s interests.


Allocation planning plays a key role in these three processes. This detailed guide discusses allocation planning, why it’s important in supply-constrained supply chains, and how it can help supply chains achieve agility, adaptability, and alignment in a challenging post-COVID world.

Ilja Postel
By Ilja Postel

Living in a VUCA World: Increase Competitiveness as a Project-Driven Company

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We live in a changing world, and our environment becomes increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. Over the last few weeks, we dove into the VUCA framework and the megatrends that shape VUCA. In the final article of this series, we'll put together the learnings and focus on the companies thriving in a VUCA world: competitive project-driven companies that are lean, agile and digital.

Ilja Postel
By Ilja Postel

Living in a VUCA World: Ambiguity


In the fifth article of our series on VUCA, we’re diving into Ambiguity. Ambiguous things are open to more than one interpretation and do not have one obvious meaning. Therefore, within the VUCA framework, Ambiguity tells us it is not clear how to interpret events. We rarely, if at all, know what effect events will have on the future. The role they will play in further developments is fuzzy.

Ilja Postel
By Ilja Postel

Living in a VUCA World: Complexity

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This week, we're taking a look at Complexity: the third concept in the VUCA framework. In this sense, a complex world means a world where you deal with many interconnected parts and variables, and large amounts of information need to be processed to make sense of all aspects and their influence.

Ilja Postel
By Ilja Postel

Living in a VUCA World: Uncertainty

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In today's article, we're continuing our deep dive into VUCA and will discuss Uncertainty. Uncertainty is driven by unpredictability and surprises – meaning that events will occur that we do not expect and have not planned for. Managing Uncertainty means planning for a world that is hard to predict.

Ilja Postel
By Ilja Postel

Living in a VUCA World: Volatility

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In the first article of this series, we looked at the megatrends that shape VUCA: technology, globalization, demographics and resource scarcity. Today, we’re diving into Volatility. What does it mean for businesses, and how can you master volatile environments?

Ilja Postel
By Ilja Postel
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